Career study 2020

Once a year, the HDI Group, together with the YouGov Germany research institute, conducts a representative study on various topics relating to careers, applications and the job market. The resulting facts, trends and tendencies help us to gain a deeper understanding of behavior on the labor market.


The HDI occupation study 2020 was carried out nationwide among 3,600 employees aged 15 and over.

The most important findings

Corona is radically changing the world of work

The HDI occupation study shows: Employed people in Germany are changing their attitude towards the job significantly due to the experience of the corona pandemic. Security in times of crisis becomes the top topic for applicants and comes in third place after earning money and applying learned skills.


An effect that is also noticeable in the number of applications to the HDI Group. In 2020, almost 20% more applications were received. Where a hiring freeze was necessary for many other companies, the HDI Group continued to hire. Being a secure employer even in difficult times is very important to us.

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Sadness in tourism - proud IT staff


Which professional groups have gained a more positive attitude towards their work during the Corona period and who has the social stagnation of public life made thoughtful? While almost every second person in the gastronomy, hotel and tourism sectors would not recommend their job to the next generation, staff in the IT sector made a different experience.


83 percent of the specialists in information and communication technology would also recommend their career choice to young people. In addition, during the Corona period they gained an even more positive attitude towards their work than any other professional group. And this result is also reflected internally. During the Corona crisis in particular, the already enormously important IT of the HDI Group became even more important. The IT crisis management team created all the prerequisites in a very short time to enable employees of the HDI Group to work from home. This included the introduction of new tools, the provision of appropriate equipment and the creation of new structures for meetings, events and everyday work.

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The home office prevails

The HDI job study also shows the positive effects of the Corona crisis: Germans have opened up to new forms of work - for example, home office. More than a third of employees demand more opportunities to work from home.


“That is more than twice as many as those who complain about the stress caused by this. This can represent a great opportunity for the German economy. "" - Dr. Patrick Dahmen, CEO of HDI Lebensversicherung AG

At the HDI Group, we not only offer a flexible working time model but also the option of mobile work - even before Corona. During the Corona period, the number of seats at the locations was reduced so that the distance regulations can be observed more effectively. In addition, the premise applies that everyone who does not necessarily have to go to the office should take the advantage of mobile work. Around 80% of the workforce currently work from home.

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Short-time work is often seen as a valuable experience - especially by women

Frauen in Führungspositionen

But there are also voices who see advantages in the Corona crisis. Especially women who find a lot of positive things in short-time work. Almost 50% found this time to be “overall positive” for them.


And there are also different feelings for the family situation that arise from short-time work. Men, for example, are more likely to complain of a deterioration in the family relationship, while 18% are more likely to report an improvement.

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