In the fast lane - Interview with a HDI broker

Sabrina Piwek from sales company HDI AG is the face of the company with the broker community. She is so good at her work that she was recently selected for an award as the “Best Broker in the Area of Occupational Retirement Provision”.

A close relationship with her sales partners is essential.


Her friends affectionately call her a professional driver, but her brokers have selected her for an award as Germany’s Best Broker in the Area of Occupational Retirement Provision. After all, the Regional Manager travels between 150 and 400 kilometres every day for them. She’s quite happy with all the long-distance driving. Her passion for the job is motivation enough for her. And her job is anything but ordinary.

“Every day is different,” explained Sabrina Piwek. Three or four times a week, the Regional Manager for Sales Management South drives to visit a number of her sales partners and advises them on HDI products. HDI Germany markets a large proportion of its business through independent brokers who in turn work together with many different insurers. Brokers offer their clients the policy which they believe is the right one for them. This is why it is particularly important for Sabrina Piwek and her colleagues from HDI Germany to foster a good relationship with their brokers, explain the advantages of HDI products and be available for consultation at all times. Having a close relationship with her sales partners is therefore absolutely essential for Sabrina Piwek.

Best broker consultant

Her appointments last for a maximum of one and a half hours – and she needs to use the time efficiently. This is because the brokers’ time is precious and there needs to be a worthwhile outcome. “The appointments have to provide sales partners with definite value added,” she explained. How do you create this value added? “Speed and dependability are the two key elements. If I can’t answer certain questions off the cuff, I try to provide dependable answers as soon as possible after the meeting. And it’s extremely important to only discuss one topic at each meeting and to agree a follow-up consultation if this happens to be necessary.” Her partners have now confirmed that Sabrina Piwek has really got it right. A survey carried out by a German insurance magazine and involving some 2,000 respondents conferred the award of “Best Broker in the Area of Occupational Retirement Provision” on the broker consultant. “Occupational retirement provision is my favourite topic. This is because it offers so many different angles and even now there’s still lots to learn – for example changes in the statutory legislation that I then immediately tell my sales partners about.”


Sabrina Piwek receives the award “Best Broker in the Area of Occupational Retirement Provision”. Wolfgang Hanssmann (left), Board Member for Sales & Marketing of HDI Deutschland AG, congratulates her.

Switching off and catching your breath

She also runs her private life in the fast lane – generally speaking going downhill and on a bumpy ride but she keeps focused. Her mountain bike reliably transports her down the pathways of the Palatinate Forest, but also accompanies her on the way up to the top. The cable car takes her up to Sölden at an altitude of around 1,370 metres. Then she cycles all the way down to the bottom. This is a sport that allows her to switch off and catch her breath. The topic of speed accompanies her in her private life and in her professional career. And in her view, it’s an absolutely key factor for success in today’s world.

For the past 14 years, Sabrina Piwek has been working for HDI, and she remains true to herself and loyal to the company: “After all these years, the job is still great fun and I’m very happy that my work is also appreciated in the big, wide world.”