Family support

As a family-friendly employer, we support our employees with individual, family-friendly services in various phases of their life. For example, we offer parent-child offices, virtual childcare, help with finding daycare places and elderly care assistance. In addition, an in-house daycare center is currently being planned at the Hanover location.


Our family support offer

In-house day nursery


Many parents know very well how challenging it is to combine work and family. We have set ourselves the goal of providing HDI Group employees with even better support and are building our own daycare center in Hanover in 2021.

Virtual childcare - voiio


We also cooperate with a provider of company childcare. Since then, parents have been able to choose holiday activities and / or holiday camps for their children or grandchildren from the wide variety of programs. The provider offers holiday care throughout Germany. Should care be taken from home or on the go? Voiio offers a large selection of virtual kids events for this.

Nursing Assistant - Eldercare

When a loved one is in need of care, all relatives face a challenging situation. Often those affected have to deal with the topic all of a sudden - the start, scope and duration of the care are rarely foreseeable. This creates a high level of physical and psychological stress. As the HDI Group, we want to give families the best possible support in balancing care and work and not leave them alone with these problems. That is why we work together with the care experts from The service provider has developed the special care and nursing concept WDS.eldercare to enable those affected to receive individual assistance.

Parent child offices


As part of the promotion of a better work-life balance, parent-child offices were set up at the Hanover, Hamburg, Hilden and Cologne locations to support parents in emergency situations to bridge short-term childcare bottlenecks.

We also offer other family-friendly offers such as Parental leave, childcare allowances, support in finding childcare places and much more.