Diversity is our strength

Our corporate culture is characterized by respect and appreciation and by mutually accepting each other. Women and men of the most diverse national, ethical, religious, and personal backgrounds, as well as people with disabilities and different sexual orientations work for the HDI Group. It is just this diversity which makes our group so successful. For it is with their very own character, their competencies and great ambitions that each one with us contributes towards achieving our common goals. To us, diversity management therefore means to consciously support diversity among our employees and to reach as many different potential applicants as possible. Below you will find out how we do this!

„We understand diversity to be our strength and want to actively promote it through our diversity management. Thus, we shape our future and make the difference together.“

The Board of Directors of Talanx AG, Hanover

It was already in 2013, that the HDI Group signed the „Charta of Diversity“, a corporate initiative to promote diversity in the economy.

We live diversity
Interview Jacqueline Juknat
Stronger together

From the temporary employee to the head of communications at HDI Deutschland & HDI Systeme AG. In the interview, you can find out how Jacqueline experienced her career path and what your manager at the time contributed to it.

“Together” in all aspects of life

Caroline Schlienkampt heads the Group Legal department and is a board member at HDI Service AG. In the interview, you can find out how she designed her career path and what leadership means to you.

Interview Anja Hurtado Medina
“Culture for me is all about community”

Find out more about the job as a culture manager in the interview with Anja Hurtado Medina.

Interwiev Ilsabe Illemann
"Those who are prepared tend to be lucky."

In the following interview, she reveals why she enjoys being in charge and whether things are different for women embarking on their career.

Interview Stefanie Limbach
"It pays off to venture outside of your comfort zone!“

In the following interview Stefanie Limbach describes the qualities and tenets that make it easier to pursue a career in a male domain.

Interview Annika Illmer
Between crisis and new work

At the moment, there are not many jobs that carry as much responsibility as Annika Illmer’s remit.