Interview Asma Sahibzada

Asma Sahibzada was born in Pakistan and came to Ireland to study at the age of 21. Today, she is a mother of two and has made a career for herself as Chief Financial Officer of HDI Reisurance in Dublin. A saying from her mother has always accompanied her:

"Hold on, at some point the hard times will be over."


It wasn't always easy to build up a new life in a different culture and to reconcile family and career, says Asma Sahibzada, but she persevered and at some point the hard times were over. What was supposed to be a two-year stay in Ireland has now turned into 22 years. Together with her husband and her two daughters, she masters everyday life between family and work. When asked how she manages to be a mother and a manager at the same time, Asma Sahibzada replies: "Behind every successful woman, as behind every successful man, there is a manager who trusts and encourages."

The 44-year-old has setteld and grown together with the company during her ten years within the company. Since day one, she has been looking after the figures of the Group's own reinsurer. The once small team consisting of her and the then managing director has grown into a company with eight colleagues, which now records a premium volume of around one billion euros per year. Although it has not always been easy, Asma Sahibzada has never given up and has used her experience to make the company what it is today.