Virtual tour of HDI headquarter thanks to 360° images


Together. Can also be done digitally - thanks to the right technology

Our Together is rather difficult to live during Corona - at least in person.
Some of our employees may no longer know 100 percent what it's like at headquarters in Hanover, or they may be among the many new faces of the HDI Group who haven't even had the chance to drop by headquarters in Hanover.
We also have many colleagues in our foreign locations - but who really has the opportunity to travel here?

To the 360° shots

But now there is a solution. If no one can come to HDI Platz, HDI Platz will come to you - digitally and conveniently from your laptop.

To the 360° shots

The BaseWalx team has made it possible

This ability to visit us at the "touch of a button" not only brings us closer together, but also shows the possibilities we have with the right technology.
The 6-member BaseWalx team set out with a 360-degree camera and photographed the main entrance, the atrium and the HDI Museum. This is not the end of the project. A challenge has been called in which other locations can also present themselves in 360° format.