Mistakes as opportunities: Innovation culture at HDI in Mexico

HDI Group ,

It is not easy to admit a mistake. Even less so when it comes to describing one's personal failure in front of around 100 colleagues. But HDI Seguros S.A. de C.V. in Mexico firmly believes that sharing such experiences is a way to improve oneself and the work of the company.

At HDI's "Failure Talks", employees take to the stage and present their personal failure and what they have learned from it in seven minutes. They answer a series of questions to get to the heart of the story: What did the employee want to achieve? What did he fail at? How did the experience enrich his personal and professional life? And what would he do differently today?

Even Juan Ignacio González Gómez, CEO of HDI Seguros, appeared before the audience last year at the fourth edition of "Failure Talk" and told from his own experience how a failure had helped him move forward.

The aim of the "Failure Talks" is to achieve a paradigm shift in dealing with failures. The event helps to promote a culture of innovation in the company. Employees should be made less afraid to take risks by trying something new or taking on ambitious projects.

With success: Surveys have shown that HDI's Mexican employees feel more motivated at work as a result of all four "Failure Talks" - in the knowledge that a mistake at HDI is seen as an opportunity and not as a setback.