One man, one bike: 400 km by bike through Germany

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From the office chair to the e-bike - Patrick Merscher, Head of Internal Services at the Saarbrücken and Nuremberg locations, decided to go on a bike tour from Saarbrücken to Nuremberg. He rode over 400 km alone on the e-bike to visit his second remote location. Find out how Patrick mastered this challenge and what he learned from his bike ride in his video report.

Patrick Merscher has been with HDI for almost 25 years, and for more than seven years he has been in charge of the Internal Services departments in Saarbrücken and Nuremberg, which is why he regularly commutes between the two locations. Maintaining close contact with the employees is a great challenge, which brings many insights into the way of management and organisation.

Through the eMobility concept, Patrick acquired an e-bike in order to be more flexible at the Nuremberg location. At the management conference in November last year, Patrick decided to visit his second remote location with the go from Caroline Schlienkamp, Director of Labour and responsible for Internal Services.

"I wanted to draw attention to the new eMobility concept. At the same time, the bike tour made me much more aware of our Together."- Patrick Merscher

He rode more than 400 km over several stages at the beginning of September - and the support of his colleagues was huge: "Suddenly there were more calls, both from my colleagues and my superiors, encouraging me or simply wanting to know if I was doing well. It is a success story that the whole department can tell.

Experiencing Together

Patrick encourages people to have courage, to be open to new challenges and to get out of their comfort zone. "The longer I was on tour, the greater the feeling of togetherness suddenly became. For the future, he hopes to motivate other colleagues to participate and to share the feeling of "Together".