Almost there: Final sprint in the trainee program

Last week, we as IT trainees were allowed to sum up our second trainee lab at the end of the trainee program.

Under the motto #backtogether, we held a varied event on site with our mentors and the IT junior staff development team. For the supporting program, we oriented ourselves on the agile approach. Therefore, we designed the presentation as a sprint.

We started with our sprint goal: to reflect on the trainee program and derive measures for improvement. In the Daily, we briefly reported on our progress and our activities to achieve the sprint goal. This was followed by the review, in which some trainees gave examples of exciting job shadowing and projects. These included this project: Trainees@Social Media. After a short break, the retrospective followed. In the retrospective, various measures were decided to optimize the trainee program. The measures are now being worked out in detail in small groups and thus optimized for the following year. In this way, we ensure that the trainee program is continuously developed.

Planning marks the end of the trainee program and thus the start of our new roles in the target positions from July 2022.