Alternatives to office and home office in Hannover

Patrick P,
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Why not Office or Home Office?

At HDI Group, I can work 60% of my working hours on the move. Basically, that's 3 out of 5 days a week.
That's a wonderful mix for me, but there are still days when I just want to get out. At home, the ceiling falls on my head, but the office doesn't suit me either. That's when I like to take advantage of the many opportunities to simply unpack my laptop somewhere else. By the way, this also works wonderfully hybrid.

BoBo Hanover - central and delicious

Enjoy a stylish ambience with an inviting feel-good atmosphere - the ideal change from working from home. Indulge in healthy delicacies and refreshing drinks, lovingly prepared with fresh, regional ingredients. Experience culinary delights in an environment that will enchant your senses.

Maschsee: nature and productivity

Anyone who knows Hanover also knows the Maschsee. The picturesque lake in the middle of the city is the ideal place for those who appreciate fresh air and a quiet environment. On the shores of the lake you'll find picnic tables and benches, but also a beer garden or two, perfect for outdoor meetings or working in the fresh air.

City library: Quiet working atmosphere

Hannover City Library not only offers access to a huge collection of books, but also a quiet working area. With free wifi and a relaxed atmosphere, this is the ideal place to work in peace.

Café Bohne: Coffee and Creativity

There are many cafés and bistros where you can work well. From my own experience, however, I'll mention one of them now.

Café Bohne in the old town is known for its excellent coffee and cosy atmosphere. Here you can sit in a corner, open your laptop and work productively over a cup of coffee.

Ihme-Ufer: Creativity on the riverbank

The banks of the Ihme not only offer an impressive view of the river, but also numerous cafés and parks where you can work. The sound of the water and the green surroundings create an inspiring working environment.

Hanover Central Station: Central and efficient

If you're just passing through, you can make the most of your time here to get a job or two done. Hannover Hauptbahnhof has numerous cafés and restaurants where you can work. The central location and quick public transport connections make this an extremely practical place to work.

As you can see, Hannover offers many opportunities to get a change of scenery for your work. Basically, you can work in most cafés, etc. The advantage: the coffee tastes good and it's cheaper than renting a hotel or co-working space. Advantage: The coffee tastes good and it's cheaper than renting a hotel or co-working space. Just go to your favourite place and test how good it is for working.