Everything about the underwriting profession

Underwriters in insurance assess risks, set rates and decide whether to accept or reject insurance. Find out more about the profession of underwriter here and take a look at our vacancies.

What does an underwriter do

Assessing risks and developing and analysing insurance concepts - that is your job as an underwriter. You calculate and negotiate contracts and develop concepts for risk prevention. You are an expert for a specific insurance line.

Industrial insurance

Help us secure companies worldwide in diverse industrial sectors with tailored protection.

Private and corporate insurance

You are responsible for the analysis and evaluation of individual personal and property risks as well as the creation of customised insurance policies for private and corporate clients.

What is the difference between underwriting in private insurance and industrial insurance?

The Differences

In summary, an underwriter in industrial insurance assesses broader and business-specific risks for companies, while an underwriter in private insurance focuses on personal risks for individuals. Both roles require thorough analysis, risk assessment, and customer care, but within distinct contexts.

Underwriting in corporate insurance

In corporate insurance, underwriters evaluate complex risks of companies and organisations in order to provide tailor-made insurance solutions. Their tasks include:

  • Overall, an underwriter's role in commercial insurance is geared towards helping businesses comprehend their intricate risks, find suitable insurance coverage, and guide them through the entire insurance process to ensure they are adequately protected.

Open underwriting jobs with the HDI Group

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