Insurance Business

We look at the unknown as a chance and like to perceive the existing in a new way. For it is only this way that we can develop ourselves and our company. In our occupational area of Insurance, you will lend our clients your support. With your work, you will make sure that we are able to offer them innovative insurance concepts and products and to accompany them in their claims, successfully.

Support us in doing that – within an international environment with flat hierarchies and the opportunity of interdisciplinary exchange. Sounds good? Take the chance to contribute to the transformation of the insurance industry and to drive long-ranging changes forward!

Together. We (re)shape insurance.


Vera and Roberto about their work as insurance experts

Our job families

Product Management

In the area of Product Management, you will develop our existing product portfolio in a cross-functional manner. In the course of this, you will, for example, be in close communication with the actuarial office as regards risk calculation.

Actuarial Office

How likely is it for an event of loss to occur? As an actuary, you will estimate the risks and make them transparent. In the course of this, you will apply our own mathematical models and be able to realistically map the risk to be covered.


Evaluating risks, developing and analyzing insurance concepts: You will undertake the task of contract calculation or contract negotiations, respectively, and prepare risk prevention concepts, while being an expert for a specific area of insurance.


As part of our nationwide sales team, you are the direct contact for our customers - on site and regardless of location. Also, we offer you very diverse entry and career opportunities.

HDI Vertrieb6
Account Management

As an account manager with the HDI Group, you will be active in different areas of insurance, industries, and regions. You will conduct sales conversations at which you will present our products. Thus, you will acquire new clients and extend our existing client relationships.

Operation (office service)

Digitally, by telephone, or in personal conversations: Working in the office, you will take care that applications become insurance contracts! Apart from that, you will be responsible for the ongoing servicing of the contracts and effectuate alterations or terminations.

Claims Management

From minor car body damages in the area of vehicle insurance up to major industrial damages within the scope of fire insurance: As a claims management employee you will be the person of first contact and competent expert in damage events.

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Business Development

Thinking outside the box and trying to get to the bottom of things: This will be your job in the business development area. You will evaluate, among other things, sales markets, observe our competitors and develop promising business models for us.

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