What actuaries do at the HDI Group

How likely is it that the insured event will occur? As an actuary, you assess risks and make them transparent. In doing so, you work with our own mathematical models and can realistically depict the risks to be insured.

Occupational fields of actuaries


You calculate which features are relevant for a higher or lower risk and keep an eye on the products. Whether non-life or life insurance.


You apply mathematical, statistical and actuarial techniques to predict what amounts need to be set aside for claims settlements that lie in the future.

Risk management

As a risk manager, you run through possible scenarios to prevent hazards at an early stage, conduct interviews with experts, prepare balance sheets as well as checklists and damage statistics.

Capital investment

They manage investments as part of asset-liability management so that liquidity is ensured with the appropriate return.

Data analytics

Set the foundation of all costing procedures in the form of structured data analysis with the help of modern methods, such as machine learning.

Insights into the actuary's daily routine

The journey of an actuary to the HDI Group

Huseyin Celikel tells how he came to the HDI Group in Hanover from the Bosporus for an actuarial position.

Recruitment of actuaries from abroad

Astrid Pohlmann from the Employer Branding & Sourcing department tells us in an interview how and why the HDI Group is looking for actuaries abroad.