Hanover - Living and working between nature and innovation

HDI Group ,
Welcome to Hanover, our headquarters in the heart of Germany! Characterised by modern elegance and historical charm, Hanover offers an impressive mix of culture, nature and innovation. Discover here what makes this location so special.

Welcome to Hannover, a city that not only impresses with its historical beauty and cultural diversity, but is also considered a thriving centre for professional success. Here, the advantages of a dynamic big city combine with the charm of a green oasis, and for good reason.

Hannover offers the perfect balance between urban lifestyle and high quality of life. The city's numerous parks and green spaces are a wonderful place to relax and unwind, while its rich cultural heritage of museums, theatres and historic buildings provides cultural enrichment.

The city is proud of its lively art scene and its wide range of culinary offerings, with something for every taste.

But Hannover has even more to offer. As the home of the HDI Group, the city is a hotspot for innovation and professional success. The HDI Group, with its international presence, not only creates jobs, but also promotes Hannover's economic dynamism and diversity.

The excellent infrastructure, outstanding educational institutions and excellent quality of life make Hannover an ideal place to balance work and life. The city prides itself on its openness, diversity and hospitality, making it a home for people from all over the world.

In short, Hannover is not only a beautiful place to live, but also an up-and-coming location to realise your professional dreams