Marco's career path to underwriting trainee

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Marco - Underwriting trainee

I am pleased to give you a brief account of my path from being a student at the Steinhöfelschule in Mainz to becoming a trainee in underwriting liability in Mainz.

Started right after school

During my technical college graduation we were invited to an excursion day at HDI in Mainz. We were given insights into the profession of insurance and finance clerks, as well as into the dual study program. A short time later, I successfully applied for a job at HDI in Mainz.

An apprenticeship with the HDI Group

During my training, I went through a number of departments, ranging from private property liability to industrial/corporate contract service, underwriting and others.

During the training period, I realized what direction I was going in and what I was interested in. Therefore, I approached Jolanthe B. to change my training plan a bit to find my personal department for after the training.

Shortly before I finished my training, it started: I ranked my departments. The ranking went according to the school grading scheme - 1-3 in the positive direction, as well as in the negative. (Meaning: "1-3 I would like to go there; 1-3 "I would not like to go there").

Next Stop: Underwriting trainee

After several exciting interviews, it led me to the trainee program in the department - Underwriting Liability, which I am currently completing.

It is currently a very exciting time in which I am learning a lot. I am also grateful that HDI offers you the opportunity for development if you show interest and commitment.

Therefore: Be motivated and have fun at work, there are always good and bad days.

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