Well invested: How HDI is contributing to the energy transition

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Sustainable investments

An up-front look at a few basic facts and figures will help us to understand what Talanx is doing in the area of infrastructure investments, and put this business area’s activities into perspective.

At the end of 2020, the Talanx Group had directly invested around EUR 3.7 billion all in all in infrastructure projects. EUR 2 billion of this amount is attributable to renewable energy, underscoring Talanx’s claim to be making a real contribution to the green energy revolution. The Group’s long-term goal is to invest EUR 5 billion in infrastructure and renewable energy sources. Talanx’s projects already generate 2,660 million kilowatt hours of green electricity a year today. This is enough for approximately 810,000 households – roughly the size of a city like Munich. Such a figure clearly shows how the Group’s infrastructure investments are helping it achieve the sustainability goals it has set itself.

3 examples of sustainable investments