As a data engineer, data scientist or data analyst you will help us to optimize our products in the interests of our clients by means of numerous data. By doing this, you also will bring us forward on our way to the data-driven company.

Our professional fields

Data Engineer

We pursue the goal of a data-driven future. In order to achieve this, we use the most modern ingestion and transformation tools to make data available to all areas and consumers.

Data Architects

Data-driven companies require modern, scalable and efficient data management. In order to create a good basis for this, the Data Architects department takes on the task of developing an efficient structure for data and information.

Data Analyst

With the help of modern (cloud) technologies, artificial intelligence, image recognition and statistics, derivations are drawn from existing use cases in order to understand customers even better.

About our employees

Passionate number cruncher

With Pascal Godejohan