Training as an insurance salesman / insurance saleswoman

How do I insure my car against hail damage? Can I insure myself against defects in craftsmanship when building a house? In our 2.5-year training programme to become an insurance and financial investment specialist, you will soon learn how to provide our customers with expert advice on such questions.

What our apprentices say about their training

My experience

Organisation is in my blood and I love structured work. So as an apprentice for insurance in the office, I find myself well suited here.

My experience

Ich bin total im Außendienst-Modus! Ich liebe es, mit Kunden zu reden und ihnen zu helfen. Da geht mein Herz auf und ich bin in meinem Element.

Difference between field service and office service

In the back office, you settle insurance claims, check benefits and keep in touch with our customers by e-mail and telephone. In the field service, you visit business partners on site. You analyse their individual insurance needs and advise them. In the field, you have more customer contact than in the office.

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Lucie Kaiser
IT-specialist system integration

We offer you 9 very different apprenticeship programmes. From the typical insurance training, to the kitchen, to the IT track. Our apprentices can tell you more about their everyday lives here.

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