Cultural Manager @ HDI Group: Anja Hurtado Medina

Anja Hurtado Medina,

Anja Hurtado Medina is a system coach, certified mediator and she studied social and business communication at the College of Fine Arts in Berlin. She worked for ten years as a mediator and editor at Radio Fritz/rbb and was involved in social projects with children and teenagers throughout Germany and internationally. At the Bundesvision Song Contest 2006 the Rostock-born singer rapped her state to eighth place. The three-times mother is passionate about her job as Culture Manager at HDI next GmbH (HNX), established in Rostock two years ago. In 2021, she moderated the virtual Talanx annual launch event and the virtual forum of HDI Germany to launch the Strategy Programme GO25.

anja hurtado medina
“Culture for me is all about community”
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