Through the mud with Jonas during lunch break

Jonas Frenzel,
Jonas about his way to deal with the "corporate mudder"

Sometimes you have to dig through the "corporate mudder" in the morning: here an interface that is pushing for a deadline, there a strategic issue. That can be tough!

What I've discovered for myself in the last two years is to incorporate my lunch break into my daily routine as a little sporting oasis.

As jogging became too monotonous for me at some point and the short distance was too boring, I bought a mountain bike two years ago - the perfect companion at lunchtime. Stamped out, helmet strapped on, GPS watch switched on; and off we go on a short tour. The proximity of our location in Hanover to the Herrenhausen Gardens and the Maschsee lake makes for great routes. Whether past the Wasserkunst and to the Leinekringel, through Linden and the Ricklinger Kiesteiche or across the Eilenriede: Hanover is green, Hanover is nature!

But when the autumnal season sends its harbingers, it quickly becomes a dirty affair. As you can see in the picture: My last tour took me through every puddle without a mudguard. Even though I had to rinse my rucksack down to the last seam afterwards, it was worth it. The small and big challenges that allow you to forget about your everyday work life for a short period of time and focus fully on slippery paths, passing pedestrians and maintaining a good pace on the bike.

I've always had the urge to give sport a certain importance to my day. Before I bought the bike, however, I was always involved in team sports. The two-wheeled companion gives me the opportunity to incorporate small sporting challenges during the week individually, in the fresh air and in harmony with my job. The Strava app is the perfect combination and a way for me to track my own progress. As well as discovering new routes and completing personal bests, there is also a great community of athletes with different ambitions. Maybe one or two people from the HDI Group will cross my path on Strava or on my routes in the future!