Mentoring as a development tool

Tamara R.,

We have various mentoring programmes within the HDI Group. I got to know Judith and Sina-Marie during their dual study programme. Both chose mentoring as their individual development tool, which meant that our paths (fortunately!) crossed and we worked together to shape their very personal development journeys.

Mentoring Tamara Sina
Can you still remember when you started your career?

An overload of information, growing responsibility, where can I find what and who is who? Lots of questions that can be overwhelming.

My experiences as a mentor

My biggest learning is that mentoring is not a project, a part-time job or a hobby. It's a subject close to my heart!

As a mentor, I invest time and contribute my knowledge and experience to support my mentees on their journey. I provide insights into my working world, explain the background to strategic topics and act as a coach.

"Knowledge is power!" - that was yesterday! Sharing knowledge and experience is sustainably valuable and a small but great contribution to the development and fulfilment of a person's potential! It's important to utilise the benefits of mentoring and share experiences in order to grow together! #together

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About my mentees

Judith works in Group Reinsurance and is responsible for intercompany coordination. Sina and I share a passion for recruiting - as a Recruiting Assistant, she manages the operational recruiting process.

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