Green business: making climate impacts foreseeable

HDI Group ,

How companies contribute to climate change is now easy to measure. But there is not much measurable data on the impact of climate change on companies' business models. We meet Raphaël Papin, who helped develop a method that HDI's industrial clients can use to assess their vulnerability to climate impacts.

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"I want a better future for my children."

Keeping our planet livable is what Raphaël Papin is burning for. "I have completely changed my diet and also my way of getting around," says the loss prevention engineer at HDI Global SE in France. Together with Carbone 4, one of the leading French consultancies in the field of climate change, he has developed something new: A model that industrial clients can use to calculate how climate risks - a rise in sea levels, for example - will affect their business model. Because especially internationally active companies that rely on production lines and suppliers around the world face a considerable risk. The climate impact assessment tool is now open to HDI Global clients in France - in line with our "foster entrepreneurship". "Helping to develop this method was one of the most meaningful things I can do as an engineer to limit future climate change impacts," says Raphaël Papin.